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Daxia means "Big Hero"

We love what heroes look like. 


Community thought leaders, influencers, and advocacy groups in diverse populations drive our approach 


Nationwide community outreach events with virtual options make an impact on patient engagement & market research needs


Unique, meaningful, and vivid creative with diverse patients in mind to see a powerful difference in health study participation


A team of data-driven consultants can explore your health research needs and create a customized strategy that yields results

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Being Inclusive of All Patients in Clinical Studies 

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About Daxia

Daxia is a health market research and patient advocacy organization focused on community outreach in Black and Hispanic populations where health disparities and lack of clinical trial options often exist. Black and Hispanic Americans represent only 10% of patients in clinical trials meaning inadequate data in drug efficacy for minorities and we strive to change that. We engage and train underrepresented physicians and their staff so that they are research ready and have the equal opportunity to participate in health commercial marketing and advertising focus groups, surveys, phone / video interviews and virtual events where their voices are heard. We then work closely with healthcare advertising organizations, integrated with global CROs, to ensure unique perspectives are part of Pharma marketing campaigns. Our participating investigators and patients are based all throughout the United States in areas of neurology, oncology, gastroenterology, metabolic disease, autoimmune, rare disease, obstetrics, and cardiology.

Daxia is Derived From the Chinese Word “ Da Xia” Meaning “Big Hero”

We strive to serve the biggest heroes — our patient and physician communities who are fighting disease every day. Pharma can be a big hero too by bringing new treatments and even cures to all types of people, making sure that your trials and therapeutic products reach culturally diverse individuals. Do something real to make a difference.

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Case Studies 

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